6 Reasons Why Webinars are So Hot Right Now

6 Reasons Why Webinars are So Hot Right Now

Did you hear the news? Old fashioned, traditional, 9 to 5 training is out. Modern, sleek webinars are in. Hey, get with the programme! And you know what? We’re not sorry. Not even a little bit. That’s because the death of boring, stale, stiff training is long overdue. Long live Webinars!

The future awaits

Bespoke Online Webinars are the way forward, and the current climate of Covid-19 demonstrates this nicely. The current challenges that all businesses face today mean that the way we work can be complicated. We’re all thinking outside of the box when it comes to business continuity, and we’re evolving to survive.

But one thing hasn’t changed: your staff still require training to excel at their work. They still need guidance to develop and meet their potential. So, why not invest in your teams? After all, they’re the ones driving your business forward.

The physical restrictions of traditional training have called for a shakeup of the way we upskill our staff. Imagine, with the threat of coronavirus still very much looming, sending your staff into a crowded training room. This kind of training is no longer going to fly.

Time to upskill

Say goodbye to cramped, cookie-cutter training. Instead, say hello to bespoke, online webinars.

Welcome to the new era of training, where the benefits of Webinars are many, and the training needs of your remote teams can be met simultaneously. Here’s why we think Webinars are so hot right now:

  1. Cost-effective.

Train as many or as few as you’d like. With Webinars, you choose between 1 and 250 staff for just one registration fee. Makes a lot of sense? Yeah, we think so too.

  1. Comfort

There’s no need to think about face masks, hand sanitiser, or sitting 2 metres apart. Staff train from the comfort of their own home. Staff can even wear their yoga pants, we’re not here to judge.

  1. Strategies

Your staff gets the best techniques and strategies that they can immediately put into effect. No more weeding through dusty training handouts to extract the relevant parts and struggling to apply them to the job. 

  1. Efficient

Forget time wasted with all-day training, not to mention the time it takes to commute and park. That’s so last year. Our webinars are typically 1 hour in length.

  1. Simple

We use simple software such as Teams, Zoom, or Webex. No fuss. Just dial in and upskill. Impressive, we know.

  1. Satisfaction

Your staff will feel more engaged and efficient in their work. Investing in your teams shows that they’re valued and appreciated, which means more productivity in the workplace. Win-win, as far as we’re concerned.

Webinars are the way forward

It’s time for a change. Luckily, InvestinU has oodles of experience in the field of Webinars, and we’re standing by to guide you. Why not contact us, and we can chat about the training needs that your business faces? We’ll design a plan to empower your team to learn new skills and reach their potential. Trust us, your staff are going to thank you.

Aug 11, 2020

Amy Lynch  - Content Creator

Amy Lynch

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