6 things About Microsoft Word That Drive Us Crazy (and Learning How to Stay Sane) 

6 things About Microsoft Word That Drive Us Crazy (and Learning How to Stay Sane) 

Tough day at the office? Tempted to throw that laptop out the window? We hear you. 

Sure, we all use Microsoft Word, and it has been around for decades, but it has a neurotic personality. We rank the top 6 meltdown-inducing things that drive us crazy about Microsoft Word.  

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1. Moving images

You know the drill. You’re minding your own business, living your best life. Next, you move an image on a Word document about – oh, I don’t know – 2mm and set off a catastrophic chain of events that has the power to ruin your entire day. Ladies and gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts, you’re in for a rough ride. Margins shift like tectonic plates. Commas rain down like hellfire. Your document crumbles to ashes.  

  1. Indenting

Ah, yes, you want to indent a line. Simple enough, yes? Don’t worry, Microsoft Word has taken it upon itself to indent all of the lines. Yes, all of them. At the same time. No extra cost. You’re welcome. Cue grown-up tantrum. 

Remember, folks: in through the nose, and out through the mouth. We’re going to get through this together.  

  1. Saving

What keeps you awake at night? Global warming? Bills? Or is it that deep, niggling worry about saving your precious document? After all, it’s a humungous work of art, it’d be a pity if it just… disappeared. Yes, you clicked save – but did it work? 

Then there are those rare times in life where you click save just before your computer crashes, and you tell your mates down the pub that it was like dodging a bullet. Go on, you legend.  

  1. Spelling

You’re 98% sure that you know how to spell your name. Good for you. Microsoft Word, however, knows better. Yes, just a little passive-aggressive red squiggly line underneath your name, or any random word for that matter, just to show you who’s boss and make you question your life choices.  

  1. Formatting

Take a long hard look at yourself. You can bash out a 10,000-word thesis on Word, but you can’t align text. You don’t always scream at your computer, but when you do, it’s usually when you’re formatting. Such fun. Here’s a recap of your day: 

Time spent writing the report: 1 hour 

Time spent editing the report: 30 minutes 

Time spent proofreading: 20 minutes 

Fixing automatic formatting you didn’t ask for in the first place: eternity  

  1. Helping

If you’re an old soul, you’ll remember Microsoft 1997 and the persistent yet unsolicited advice of Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant.  

“Hi, it looks like you’re trying to write a letter. Would you like help?”  

No, Clippy. What we really want is for you to fall into a bottomless pit, hitting your smug face on some rocks on the way down.    

Well, we have some distressing news: he is being resurrected from the dead by Microsoft. As an emoji. You have been warned.  

Solutions? We got ‘em 

Let’s not white-knuckle our way through the workday any longer. When it comes to Word, we’ve got the solutions.  

Get yo’self some skills, kids. Learn how to master Word so it doesn’t master you. We believe in you. We’ve got bespoke online webinarsexpert advisory sessions, Microsoft 365 support, customised training, one-to-one consultancy, and bite-size learning (seminars).  

Another way to stop you from pulling your hair out is to invest in templates so that there are no shenanigans when someone tries to input information on a document or complete an application. Templates ensure that there is only one version of the document and that it is user-friendly. 

Talk to us about form design. We can look after all of your form requirements by creating beautiful, professionally designed, fillable forms in Word or Adobe. 

At InvestinU we have the solutions. Get in touch to learn how we can help. 

Microsoft Word is an extremely critical tool in the world of business, education and home offices, but are you using it as efficiently as possible? Even if you are familiar with Microsoft Word, the number and variety of keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your work may shock you.

If you find yourself constantly reaching for your computer mouse or your laptop’s trackpad, you are slowing yourself down and hobbling your typing speed, costing yourself time and energy in the long run. Learning how to correctly use keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of this time and energy, while boosting your overall productivity. You can find out more about these shortcuts and much more about business, websites and Microsoft Office in our helpful tips Bits & Bytes section.

If you found this tip on learning about Microsoft Word helpful InvestinU offers a range of training supports for Microsoft 365 which can be found here.

You can check out our FacebookInstagram, or Linkedin pages for more updates and to get in touch today!

Sep 14, 2021

Amy Lynch
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