Designing Microsoft Access Database Systems

Do you have inhouse Microsoft Access databases that you need help with? Our professional database developers have years of experience in consulting and designing Access Database systems for SMEs, large organisations, and government agencies.

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Design, Consultancy & Training on Microsoft Access Database Systems

Microsoft Access is the perfect solution for a small in-office bespoke database to help keep track of small amounts of data. However, it still remains one of the most underused and undervalued tools in the Office suite. The problem is that, although it is simple enough to create tables of data, forms, reports, and queries, unless you have a background in relational database design the chances are that you won’t be able to make it work for you the way you had intended.

Building a Database without first designing the system on paper, is a bit like building a house without any architectural blueprints. It may look like a house and be able to perform basic functionality but what happens when you go to install the en-suite and realise you don’t have any connection to the plumbing? It may seem to be working for a while but chances are it won’t be long before it starts to fall apart.

This is where you need the help of a professional Database Developer. Our developers know the right questions to ask and how to structure your data in order to build a system that is robust, expandable, maintainable, and easy to use. We can help you build your initial database or restructure your existing one to make it work for you. Once the Database is properly structured we can help you build the searches and reports you need to get your data working for you, turning your raw data into valuable information.

We can also teach you how to work with your new database so that you can create your own bespoke forms, searches, and reports going forward.

If you need a new small inhouse database or need help with an existing one, give us a shout. Our developers will be happy to do a free one-to-one initial consultation on the system you need and be able to create a plan for going forward.

consultancy and design on microsoft access database systems