Bite-size Learning

Bite-size learning is a new cost-effective and efficient method of training a large number of staff quickly, equipping them with new skills that they can implement immediately.

What exactly is bite-size learning?

Can’t afford to take a full day off for training? No problem. Our bite-size training sessions have been designed around the most frequently requested topics, condensed down.

Where does the learning take place?

Bite-size training can take place in the comfort of your company premises, minimizing the impact on your employee’s day. Your staff will be able to implement their new skills right after the session.

Need a bigger venue? No problem, we can organise an appropriate local venue to ensure that the training has a maximum benefit and minimum impact to their day.

How can I book bite-size learning?

Want to find out more? Why not give us a call and we will meet with you to design a rapid training plan the suits your company’s needs.

+353 85 133 5649

Examples of Bite-size Learning Sessions

Cleaning your Data with Formulas in Excel

One of the important parts of working with Excel is your data. Get your data into a more workable format and everything becomes easier in excel.

2 hr session

The Essentials for Analysing Data in Excel

Extend your knowledge of Excel from Tips and Tricks to Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Slicers, CountIFs, SumIFs and the Table Features.

2 hr session

Manipulate your Data Using Advanced Excel Techniques

Concise bite-size training for teams, delivering everything your team needs to master advanced formulae and techniques in Excel.

2 hr session

Modern Data Analysis (Get & Transform and Power Pivot)

With Get & Transform and Power Pivot in Excel, you’ll spend less time manipulating data, and more time driving impact.

2 hr session

Automating Excel

Learn to automate tasks with the power of Excel Macros

Learn to record and manipulate Macros in Excel, saving hours and even days of work.

2 hr session

Microsft365 Power User Skills (Tips and Tricks)

With every new version of Office, Microsoft adds even more features that make working with your Office files even easier to work with day to day.

2 hr session

Creating and Designing Effective Presentations

Take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level with bite-size training to enhance your team’s presentation skills.

2 hr session

Time Management in Outlook

Work with Outlook to become more productive by unlocking the secrets of Outlook’s time management and powerful scheduling potential.

2 hr session

Windows and Office Migration

If you want to be as efficient with your time and resources as possible then you need to be using the latest versions of Office to fully utilise all the features available to you.

2 hr session

Getting to Grips with Microsoft Visio

Do you feel limited with the tools you use to represent your organisation’s information? Learn to use Visio confidently.

2 hr session

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