Content Creation & SEO

If you’re not using content creation to drive traffic to your website, you’re a step behind. Our Digital Marketing includes engaging and informative blogs, articles and Social Media content that people love to share.

Content Creation

The Importance of Content Creation

Let’s face it: your digital marketing campaign and online presence are not complete without content creation.

We get it. You’re busy running the business. The thought of creating fun and interesting content and engaging with customers is a lot of pressure. That’s OK, we’re experts at it. Through clever, witty content, we can highlight your product or service. This frees you up to serve customers and focus on clients.

We produce content that directs people to your website, increases your brand awareness and ultimately increases sales. Sounds good?

Our content writer is a best-selling Harper Collins author and creates content daily for Irish and US audiences. In addition, she publishes regularly with Image magazine, Easy Parenting magazine, and The Irish Independent newspaper, as well as The Sunday Times, TV Choice magazine, and Woman’s Way magazine.

So, get the most from your marketing budget, and reach new audiences. Let us handle the writing while you run the business.


SEO Audit and Strategy Development

We here at InvestinU, want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your website. When developing effective marketing strategies, it is important to consider the movement of competitors and keep up-to-date with current trends. This requires the regular upkeep and improvement of your site’s SEO to ensure your website earns traffic organically and continues to climb in ranking. 

Depending on your SEO’s effectiveness, your website may be promoting the wrong message while, consequently, attracting the wrong audience. In doing so, Google Ads may come at an unnecessarily higher cost to run. 

Luckily, InvestinU is here to help. We offer a 2-report package, with a Keyword Analysis Report and SEO Audit to ensure your website’s keyword strategy is running efficiently and to audit your site for problems or errors that can prevent your site from ranking on Google.

Our Keyword Analysis Report includes:

  • Analysis of what keywords Google currently ranks your site for
  • Analysis of your competitor’s keyword strategy & market trends
  • Analysis of your website’s current content
  • Proposed future keyword strategy
  • Proposed future content ideas tailored to your new keyword strategy

Our SEO Audit includes:

  • Analysis of your website’s page load speed
  • Analysis of your website’s user experience
  • Analysis of your website’s mobile friendliness and accessibility
  • Analysis of if your website uses the correct SEO tags
  • Analysis of your website’s files for correct size and format


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