Excel Automation

Automate tasks with the power of Excel Macros. Record and re-use Macros in Excel, manipulate recorded Macros thereby saving hours and even days of work.

What is Excel Automation?

Excel automation streamlines your use of the application by automatically performing tasks like formatting cells, updating values, and running macros. You can also integrate Excel tasks in automated processes with other tasks across the enterprise.

Optimize your daily tasks

Everyone has those repetitive tasks they have to perform day to day in excel. Whether it’s importing data and having to tidy up the same rows and columns for format the same areas. We create basic macros that can take that repetitive side away.

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Bite-size Learning

Like to know more about Excel macros? Why not try our  Automating Excel seminar. In this two hour session, you’ll learn how to automate tasks with the Excel Macros.

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