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Your company’s branding is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Let’s create a positive first impression with professional branding that wows.

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We Create Brands That Wow!

Branding is all about making a positive impression and being memorable for the right reasons. It’s what tells people who you are, what you’re all about, and what makes you different from all the others. Your brand tells others what to expect from you.

When developing your brand, you need to think about advertising, customer service, social responsibility, reputation, and visuals. Each of these components should work together to create a unique, cohesive, attention-grabbing profile.

You also need to consider people, markets and businesses when creating your brand, since these things are always changing. Your brand must evolve in order to stay current. Your brand needs to stand out.

So, let’s get to work!

Some of our designs:

Why good branding is so important for your company?

To grab your customers attention:

Think fast, because in this fast-paced world of digital media, you only have about 2 seconds to impress a potential customer. People are visual and remember logos better than names of companies.

To make a strong first impression:

With only 2 seconds to impress, you want your logo to show that you are a professional outfit that can deliver a professional product or service. Amateur logos = amateur first impression.

A good logo design is memorable:

A good logo is instantly recognisable and is one of the main things that your customers and potential customers will recognise at a glance.

It’s the cornerstone of your brand identity:

Your brand identity is so much more than just a logo. However, your logo is the cornerstone upon which everything else is built: your colours, fonts, and message are all determined by your logo and tagline.

Customer Loyalty:

When a customer is familiar with your brand, they will have already built a certain amount of trust and loyalty to the brand. If they see your logo on a new product or service, they will immediately know it is a quality product because they trust this brand.

Branded Document Design

Your brand is important. When a client receives any documents from your company they should be immediately identifiable as coming from your company. All documentation that you send out to your clients should look sleek, modern and professional.

To maintain brand consistency it is essential you have a set of water-tight, well-designed Word documents and templates. But once you have distributed them, how do you ensure your carefully crafted templates are used consistently and your employees don’t start making things up as they go along!

Well at InvestinU we can take the trouble out of all of this and build them for you. We can give your documents and templates that professional look and make sure all are on-brand.  This means that all employees are using the same up-to-date logos, colour schemes, fonts, etc., so everyone is working off the same hymn sheet.

Our Design Work

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