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Word Template Design

We can design professional-looking Microsoft Word templates that are sleek, modern, and well designed. Your new templates will allow even less experienced users to save time by creating effective documents that are always up to date and on-brand.

Advanced Word Template Design

Our advanced word templates use VBA code and user forms to bring your Microsoft Word Templates to the next level. Have a look at our video to find out how this can save you valuable time on repetitive data entry and help to maintain a level of consistency with your fonts and styles throughout your document.

Template Design

At Investinu we have a team of professional designers that can create PowerPoint templates that help your company stand out from the crowd.

Your custom built PowerPoint templates can be easily used to create compelling, clear presentations that are consistent and professionally branded every time.

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Case Study – Manning & Buckley

This year, we redesigned all of the internal and external documents for Manning & Buckley. This project consisted of over 300 Microsoft Word and Excel documents and manuals for both internal and external use. We created several Templates and then applied them to the existing files. All the files were then cleaned up to remove existing formatting and formula errors. Upon completion of the project, all company files were rebranded with the newly adjusted logo and brand colours, restructured and adhered to the ISO standards.

We also adjusted their existing logo (removing the gradients) and created a sublogo and submark for use in their social media platforms.

Finally, we created an email signature which was rolled out company-wide.