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Your Logo is everything! Our marketing experts can advise your business on the best design techniques to promote and present your products and services.

What does your logo design say about you?

Every Logo tells a story. It is instantly recognisable, a core part of your brand identity and the most memorable visual for your company. In terms of importance it is right up there with high-quality products, customer service and positive referrals.

Your logo is the at the heart of your branding efforts, and as such should represent the essence of your company’s personality. Logos are not just pretty pictures that you add to your website.

Here is a list of some reasons why your logo is so important to you company: 

Grab your customers attention

In this fast paced world of digital media you only have about 2 seconds to impress a potential customer. People are visual and remember logos better than even names of companies. 

Make a strong first impression

With only 2 seconds to impress you want your logo to show that you are a professional outfit who can deliver a professional product or service. Amateur logos = Amateur first impression.

A good logo design is memorable

Your logo is the one thing that help to uniquely identify your company. A good logo is instantly recognisable, and is one of the main things that your customers and potential customers will recognise at a glace.

It’s the corner stone of your brand identity

Your brand identity is so much more than just a logo. However,  your logo is the corner stone upon which everything else is built: your colours, fonts, message, etc are all determined by your logo and tagline.

Customer Loyalty

When a customer is familiar with your brand they will have already built a certain amount of trust and loyalty to the brand. If they see your logo on a new product or service they will immediately know it is a quality product because they trust this brand. Loyal customers are gold dust and your logo is all you need to give your new product or service a 5 star review.

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Logo Design & Brand Identity

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