Mail Merge
Like a Boss

Mail Merge Like a Boss 

Ah, there you are, now. The rest of the office has gone home, but you’re still there, bashing out a few dozen more emails and letters before you clock out. You wouldn’t mind, right, but that Sandra in accounts seems to get her stuff done by 5 every night, and these letters are all the same, pretty much.  

Still, another hour should do it… 

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Get with the programme 

Eh, newsflash! There’s this thing called Mail Merge that incorporates data from  Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and allows you to create a bunch of documents at the same time. We’re talking letters, bulk emails, labels, and envelopes. No need to retype the same old letter over and over again.  

Basically, it can change your life.* 

Is this a new invention? Um, no. Your mammy has been using it since the 1980s on a Word Processor or a Personal Computer. Now, don’t get us wrong. We love the 80’s. But we personally think that typing letters or emails over and over again belong in that decade, along with hair sprayed perms and shoulder pads. But, hey. No judgment. This is a safe space. 

Mail Merge, you’re our hero 

If we had to count the things we love about Mail Merge, we’d show you in this handy list: 

  1. It’s super easy to send the same letter oremail to loads of peeps, leaving you more time and energy to Google celebrity crushes. 
  2. You can personalise the letter or email so that everyone can see you’re not, in fact,a robot.
  3. No need to retype each recipient separately into every letter likea big snore-fest.
  4. It’s easy to edit – make a change to the main letter and it’s repeated in all letters. Boom!
  5. You only need to proofread one main document, not every single one, and there are fewer errors when transcribing details from one documentto another. Hey, those glasses do make you look smarter.

Overall, it makes for time and energy savings, more accuracy, and less stress. You know, if you like that kind of thing.  

How to Mail Merge 

OK, so unless you’re waiting for human cloning to become a thing, do yourself a favour and follow these steps in order to Mail Merge like a boss. 


You can work on your ‘main document’ in Microsoft Word, inserting merge fields for that personalised info that you want to include. 


Choose your data source (did we frighten you there with techno talk? We just mean the place where the names come from – usually a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or your Outlook contacts, however any database that connects to Word is fine.) 


Write your document, preview it, and complete the Mail Merge. 

Teaching the ways of the Mail Merge 

Sounds easy, but sometimes you prefer someone to show you, step by step? Yes, we get that. 

Luckily for you, we offer webinarsexpert advisory sessions, Microsoft 365 support, customised training, one-to-one consultancy, and bite-size learning (seminars).  

Even luckier is that we just happen to have a FREE webinar on Mail Merge coming up on September 22nd. Some people are just jammy.  

At InvestinU we take the complicated and make it simple. We would love to hear from you.  

*Results may vary. Life-changing experience not the actual size on the box.  

Microsoft Word is an extremely critical tool in the world of business, education and home offices, but are you using it as efficiently as possible? Even if you are familiar with Microsoft Word, the number and variety of keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your work may shock you.

If you find yourself constantly reaching for your computer mouse or your laptop’s trackpad, you are slowing yourself down and hobbling your typing speed, costing yourself time and energy in the long run. Learning how to correctly use keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of this time and energy, while boosting your overall productivity. You can find out more about these shortcuts and much more about business, websites and Microsoft Office in our helpful tips Bits & Bytes section.

If you found this tip on learning about Microsoft Word helpful InvestinU offers a range of training supports for Microsoft 365 which can be found here.

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Sep 16, 2021

Amy Lynch
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