One PowerPoint Template to Rule Them All

One PowerPoint Template to Rule Them All

Whether you’re at wizard level or still grappling with apprentice hobbit level when it comes to PowerPoint presentations, the importance of using a professional template is key.

We’ve all been there: sitting through a business presentation, stifling a yawn. Except the thing is that we’re not concentrating on the information being presented, we’re playing spot the difference with the sloppy, inconsistent slides that are being projected. The presenter has clearly copied and pasted the company logo onto each slide, and ploughed on, oblivious to the fact that each slide has a different colour scheme. What’s worse, one slide veers from Times New Roman with a font size of 10 to Comic Sans size 12. We’re talking the PowerPoint equivalent of a car crash, here.

The overall impression? Unprofessional. Doesn’t care. Not invested in the impression made to the target audience. Total snore-fest. 

powerpoint templates - investinu

Pretty templates, my precious…

If presenting by PowerPoint is part of your role, remember the importance of uniformity when it comes to fonts, styles, and colours. If you’re using X and your colleague is using Y, it’s not going to make a good impression.  To those of you using PowerPoint presentations with sloppy inconsistencies, we say:


Now, imagine a designer waves their wand and poof! Everyone’s working with the same templates. Same logo. Same fonts. Same branding. You just click file, new, and template – and hey presto you’ve got a professional, slick PowerPoint presentation template to knock their socks off. Even the orcs in your office can’t mess this one up. Now, here’s what a template designer can do for you:

  • Time-saving – no need to reinvent the wheel, your custom PowerPoint presentation is compelling and clear each time. Use your time instead to focus on the content and thank us later. 
  • Engagement – notice how your target audience is now paying attention to the company data and key information rather than spotting the mistakes on each slide? You’re welcome.
  • Professional – buh-bye amateur hour and hello PowerPoint master. Maximum points awarded for consistency. You’re rocking this presentation like a pro, so admit it: you’re loving it.
  • Easy – with everyone using the same bespoke template it’s a confusion-free zone. User friendly? Boom!
  • Branding – we adhere to your company branding guidelines, creating documents that seamlessly incorporate your current branding using your logos, company colours, custom ribbons, building blocks, and Macros.

Impressive, we know. Form an orderly queue for autographs. Invest in Templates. When you’re ready to extend your company branding to your MS documents by incorporating your branding and logo, we’re ready to work our magic. At InvestinU we’re Microsoft Office template design specialists, and we excel at designing and developing user-friendly, corporate PowerPoint, Word, and Excel templates with your company’s needs in mind. 

Get in touch to talk about how we can devise a strategy to accelerate your business to the next level. 

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Jan 05, 2021

Amy Lynch  - Content Creator

Amy Lynch

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