Outlook Support- Webinar Training


Unlocking the secrets of Outlook’s time management

Microsoft’s Outlook has continued to develop and now offers a multitude of new features, but most business users still only use a small fraction of what the application can be used for. If your business does a lot of project scheduling, or you need to better manage your time, Outlook can become an essential companion. Work with Outlook to become more productive and unlock the secrets of Outlook’s time management and powerful features and tools. In this 1 hour webinar you will discover the hidden power of Outlook… coupled with all the features and functions that will help you become more efficient and more effective! Spend less time in your inbox

In this 60 min fast-paced session

  • Discover the 4 D’s that will save your hours
  • Unleash the power of Quick Steps in email
  • How to never write the same email twice
  • Schedule emails to send when you’re away from your desk
  • Automate recurring tasks to simplify your day
  • Create calendar events automatically
  • Find that email thread in seconds

60 Mins

If you found this webinar interesting, InvestinU offers a range of training supports for Microsoft 365 which can be found here.

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