Predictive Data
Analysis Systems

Don’t just look at your past, use it to predict your future.

Data Analysis

Predictive Analytic Systems use statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyse your data and predict future outcomes based on historical data. The main objective here is not only to know what has happened in the past but to be able to assess the most likely future outcome.

Why now use Predictive Analytic Systems?

Predictive Analytic technologies have actually been around for decades but are only now starting to be used in everyday systems.

Why have they suddenly become so popular?

  • Growing volumes of Data – Companies store more data now on computer systems so more data means better predictions.
  • Faster Cheaper Computers – processing large amounts of data requires a lot of processing power but the average desktop computer has become much more powerful in recent years making this technology affordable even to SME’s.
  • Tough Economic Conditions – Never has it been more important to have a competitive edge in predicting new trends.

What are Predictive Analysis Systems used for?

Many companies use predictive analysis systems to help problem solve and uncover new opportunities in the following areas:


  • Detecting fraud
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns
  • Improving operations
  • Reducing risk