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It was a unique experience creating a brand and website for Lisa, who has 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry and wanted to create a website for her brand. Sport was a huge outlet for her & she wanted to ensure that all children are afforded that coping skill.

Lisa approached us to build a website for her as she wanted to build her online pressence and reach new customer. We worked with Lisa to establish a website identity and started by creating design concepts & wireframes for each of the pages. We wanted to portray a fun, playful look to this site as Lisa mainly works with kids.


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The Initial challenge that presented with this project was establishing a brand Identity for Active Academy. We sat down for an initial brainstorm with Lisa to ideated and plan the website. This involved creating wireframes, sitemap and planning the content out for each page on Lisa’s site. Once we planned the structure of the site out we moved on to building the brand identity. Lisa had a logo previously designed for Active kids Academy, so we built the website and brand identity around the logo colours. We chose friendly bright colours as we wanted to portray a sense of childlike playfulness throughout the site.

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After completion of the project Lisa’s brand was established, grow her online presence and had a beautifully designed bespoke website that was fully responsive that and established a growing small business. We conveyed the childlike friendliness throughout which was important to Lisa’s brand as she works with kids. After launch, the site gave Lisa a platform to grow as an fitness instructor and reach new clients & customers. She was delighted with the final result of her site.The success of this project was down to creating a a great relationship with our client and understanding of our client needs.

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