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For the past 18 years, Manning and Buckley has provided a broad range of electrical services to both the commercial and industrial sectors. They are focused on providing what their clients require, when they require it, and this is the foundation for their company’s long-term success.

Manning & Buckley hired us to rebrand their documents, which began with design concepts and variations for each document category. For Manning & Buckley, we rebranded and formatted over 500 documents, including letterheads, word documents, and word templates. We also redesigned their logo and established a new social media submark for them to use. We wanted to freshen up their logo and make it more current.


Branding & Document design


Electrical Services


The challenge presented to us when creating Manning & Buckley’s new branded documents was to create modern sleek looking templates while keeping true to the original vision set in the design brief. The first step was establishing the colour palette, and we wanted to create fresh vibrant, blues & reds as they are Manning & Buckley’s main colours. We revamped their old logo and modernised it to best reflect their brand. This involved creating a updated logo & a new brand mark for them to use on documents and on social media. We kept the documents elegant & professional but stayed true to Manning & Buckley’s vision.

Main Logo
Sub Mark





Segoe UI is a standard Microsoft font that matches with the brand. All Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents should utilize this typeface. Email signatures are also written in this font.

Sub Mark Logo in Social Media

The logo is available in two versions: a complete version and a submark version. Except in cases when space is limited, such as social media, the submark logo should be used in those cases.


The final result was a beautifully branded & custom designed documents that can be used across the whole company. Updating Manning & Buckley’s brand & modernising their documents & templates. Manning & Buckley were delighted with the final result and couldn’t be happier with their bespoke documents. The success of this project was down to creating a a great relationship with our client and understanding of our client’s needs.

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“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend InvestinU for any work concerning document refinement. We thoroughly enjoyed our time working with Cara and her team and now consider them as a truly valuable asset to our company.

They are honest, dependable, and incredibly hardworking. Their knowledge of Microsoft Office and expertise in Excel, Word and PowerPoint was a huge advantage for us. They redesigned all our templates created a master file and then had the mammoth task of refining in excess of 800 documents within our system.

I would highly recommend InvestinU as a dedicated and knowledgeable team to any Organisation. I know that they will be a beneficial addition to your company. Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss their skills, abilities and experience further. I’ll be happy to expand on my recommendation. Best wishes.”

Cathal Manning


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