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Revive HBC is a multiple award winning hair-beauty salon, that provide a very wide range of premium treatments by professional beauticians in hair, nails & beauty. Revive approached us to design a website for them to grow their business & reach new customers.

We worked with Revive to design a website & brand identity. This initally was started by creating design concepts & wireframes for each of the pages. We wanted to portray a timeless, elegance to this site, to attract professional woman on the go and to reflect who Revive are as a business.


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The first challenge with this project was coming up with a brand identity for ReviveHBC. We choose darker colours to convey a timeless beauty and used these colours to create the website and brand identity. We chose dark colors since we wanted the site to have an air of refinement and beauty. We met with ReviveHBC for an initial brainstorming session to come up with ideas, develop the website, and tailor it to their needs. This involved planning the site and what content would be need to build each page. A challenge that we faced was to create a e-commerce site that advertised Revive’s services, they also wanted to stand out over their competition.

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The site provided Revive HBC with a platform to grow as a company and reach new clients and customers when it was launched. We helped them by creating a beautiful responsive site that bookings could be made online and advertised all the services they offer at Revive. The site grew their online presence and helped them grow as a brand. We achieved all goals set in this project by collaborating with our client to deliver a quaility website.

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