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True Source is a pizza brand established in  2017 by Craig Gratton. True Source’s ambition is to establish itself as a major player in the frozen pizza market. True Source aim to create a pizza that people can eat as part of their weekly meal plan rather than as a special occasion dinner. Craig came to us to build a responsive website that reflected his modern brand and growing business.

We wanted to portray a natural, fresh & earthy look to the website to represent the natural and fresh ingredients used in Craig’s sweet potato pizzas. Establishing the Craig’s brand and Pizzas as a healthy fresh alternative to takeaway pizzas.


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When it came to designing Craig’s website, the challenge was to establish a brand identity, create a fully responsive site for desktop, tablet, and mobile, and employ optimal SEO strategies. We wanted to generate fresh, lively, earthy undertones, to tie in with the healthy pizzas and fresh ingredients they use. The main challenges we faced when creating the site was generating a colour palette that stayed true to Craig’s vision. We made the site professional and elegant while staying loyal to the fresh, nutritional and healthy pizzas of True Source.

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The end result was a beautifully designed, completely responsive bespoke website that helped to establish a developing brand. True source had an e-commerce site that gave customers the ability to buy pizzas in store or showed stores that stocked Craig’s pizzas. The site also conveyed Craig’s message of healthier pizzas, told of his story of creating his business and what inspired him to do so. True Source was able to flourish and reach out to new customers. The success of this project was due to the development of a strong relationship with our client and a thorough grasp of their requirements.

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