SEO & Social Media Marketing

There is no point in having a lovely website if no one can find it. SEO and Social Media Marketing can make your company visible to your target audience and help drive new traffic to your website, by turning clicks into clients.

SEO - Free Google Listings

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about designing a website with certain keywords in mind in order to get Google to list your website for FREE. That’s correct you don’t need to pay for Organic Google Listings. We can help you create the right content, links, local search information and technical SEO code to make sure your company is found on google.

Marketing Campaigns

A digital marketing campaign is using cleverly designed imagery, content, video animations to drive engagement, conversions, traffic and revenue to your company. At InvestinU our digital marketing team can help you engage with your target audience through platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


At InvestinU we have our very own published author that can write content for your website and social media platforms. We can help you send the right message to your target audience, helping to enhance your company brand through positive engagement.

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PCP - Google Ads

PCP or Pay-Per-Click Advertising is not just about posting ads and hoping for the best. A really important part of the process is the post-click analysis and ensuring you are making data-driven decisions. Our team can design a marketing campaign the will gain impressions for the right keywords, work within your budget and eliminate click spend wastage.

Create loyal customers by connecting with them on social media. Loyal customers spend more, stay longer and tell their friends!

What can SEO and Social Media do for your company?

Increase brand awareness

Drive more inbound traffic

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Higher Conversion Rates

Better Customer Satisfaction

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