Document Design

Redesigning Documents

Although standardising your company documents may initially seem like an unnecessary extra step, once you see how it can benefit your organisation and streamline communications you will never want to go back.

The benefits of standardising your Microsoft and Adobe documents

Every company has a variety of documents for communicating with employees, clients and suppliers, from company memos and worker manuals to customer sales receipts, forms and website pages.


Some of the main benefits of standardising these company documents include:
    • Greater efficiency

      Having standard templates, formats and writing styles for the different types of emails, letters and forms your company sends out and uses on a regular basis will save time and ensure greater efficiency. Rather than spending time copying and pasting things like letterheads or thinking about the correct format and writing style to use for each type of document, all you’ll have to do is select the appropriate template and then fill in the blanks to customise it.

    • Forms Creation

      When all your company’s documents are standardised, you’ll be better able to meet industry standards and ensure that your employees, customers and suppliers are able to immediately recognise any communications they receive from your organization. This will improve your company’s credibility and inspire confidence.

    • Improved accuracy

      Standardising company documents leaves less room for human error, such as mistakes that might occur when copying & pasting data or spelling and grammar errors that can be introduced when writing letters from scratch. Standardised documents are also easier to catalogue and categorise, which means records will also be more readily accessible to everyone within the organisation.

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