Outlook Tips: Unlocking the Secrets of Outlook’s Time Management

Outlook Tips: Unlocking the Secrets of Outlook’s Time Management

Hey you! Yes, you there with the messy inbox. You’re late for your next meeting and you’re behind on your tasks. Also, your fly is undone.

You know, that Outlook on your computer is good for so much more than just send-ing frantic emails. There are so many more tools that you could be using to become more productive, better organised, and on top of your work.

Outlook's Time Management



Yes, very clever. You made lots of little folders, one for each client. And you have put the emails into each folder. You get a C+ for neatness. Ah, but where did that email go, exactly? The one about the things and the whatsits. You know the one. Quickly, now, find it, because the client is back on the phone. You’re searching and scram-bling, but you can’t find it.


A wise person once said that a clean and tidy inbox is like a clean and tidy mind*. We like to keep just three folders:


1. Action
This folder contains your to-do list. It’s anything that needs to be actioned. So, you know, get on it.


2. Read
These emails are important: things like newsletters, but you don’t have time to read them right now. You’re a very important person, after all, your mother told us so. Park these emails here and perhaps you might get to read them on Friday. We heard you slack off on a Friday.


3. Completed
Shazam! You’ve read and actioned these emails and you smugly file them away as done. Your Blue Peter badge is on its way.




You need to further break down your to-do list. This includes prioritising work, dele-gating tasks and tracking tasks. Take a deep breath, it’s not that hard.


We like to split these into three categories. Watch and learn, folks:


A – Absolutely must be done
B – Better be done
C – Could be done


Hold your applause ‘til the end, please. Now, in order to allocate priorities to these emails, we use Quick Step to flag emails. Ooh, look at all the pretty colours. These are visual reminders of what needs doing, and we add due dates to high priority emails and tasks.




Outlook is a powerful scheduling tool, and frankly its feelings are hurt that you simply use it for emails. Not cool.


Get to know your Outlook calendar and use it for creating personal and business appointments and meetings. If your business does a lot of project scheduling, Out-look will become your best friend.


We’ve got the key


Are you feeling more organised yet? Unlock these skills and boom! You’ll be crushing it. I know, I know, we’re that good.
Does it all sound great, but you’re too busy? No excuses. Our webinar will have you unlocking the secrets of Time Management in Outlook in just 1 hour. And hey, that’s about the same amount of time you could waste looking for that client email you filed away last year, while sweating profusely. Choose wisely, friends.


Unpack your work and maximise your time management with Outlook. It’s an in-vestment in your productivity that will pay off big time. Get in touch to learn more about our bespoke webinars and one-to-one consultancy solutions that will take your business to new heights.

*We totally made that up. We regret nothing.

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Feb 26, 2021

Amy Lynch  - Content Creator

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