Microsoft 365 Webinars

Online webinars are a fantastic way to train remote teams that are based in several different locations or even different countries simultaneously. Be it in Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams, Word or Visio, we’re the experts.

Employee Training

Webinar IT Training to between 1 to 250 employees for just one registration fee

Online Sessions

Gain the insight of world-class trainers from the comfort of your own desk

Best Strategies

Get techniques and strategies you can use immediately

Efficient Learning

Don’t lose an entire day to training – it only takes about an hour!

Unique Benefits of  Microsoft 365 Webinar Training


Employee Training

We’ll help your employees master Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams, Word and Visio. Any number of people can join, from a handful to your whole department team. It’s up to you!


Online Session

You don’t have to leave your office or home. The entire training session is conducted from the convenience of your desk, meeting room, or even your own sitting room.


Simple Technology

No fancy technology required. A high–speed Internet connection is all the equipment you need. Just log in and start learning.

One–hour Sessions

No wasted time. Our compact, one–hour webinar training sessions fit into the busiest of schedules. In no time, you’re back on the job using the wealth of relevant information you gained.

Experts Trainers

Gain the insights and views of leading experts. Our trainers are hand–picked for their knowledge, experience and ability to deliver an enormous number of drilled–down skills in a short period of time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have nothing to lose. Give us an hour and we’ll show you just how effective Webinar training is. If you don’t see a webinar suited to your needs we’ll create a bespoke webinar specially for you!

Our Area of Expertise

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Sample Microsoft 365 Webinar Training

Here are a few of the standard webinar training events that we run on a regular basis.

Don’t forget we can customise any of these training sessions, and integrate your company’s files/projects to create a bespoke webinar tailored to your company’s needs.

Below you’ll find webinars on the most used Microsoft Office Applications: Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Word and Visio.

Bespoke - IT - Excel - Training

Unlocking the Secrets of Outlook’s Time Management

Learn to become more efficient and make outlook work for you

1 hr Online IT Training

Excel Top Tips

Time-saving tips you’ll
use every day in Excel

1 hr Online IT Training

Learning the Fundamentals in Excel

Gain a solid foundation in Excel formula writing

1 hr Online IT Training

Getting to Grips with PivotTables

Allow Excel PivotTables to come to your rescue!

1 hr Online IT Training

Deeper Analysis with PivotTables

Gain a powerful new Excel tool to help you make better business decisions

1 hr Online IT Training

Mastering the famous Lookup

Aquire the ability to dynamically lookup and retrieve information from a Excel table

1 hr Online IT Training

Using Index and Match instead of the Lookup

After VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH are the most widely used formulas in Excel for performing lookups

1 hr Online IT Training

Analysing data with Formulas

Countifs, Sumifs and Averageifs functions can be a useful alternative to the Pivot Table in Excel.

1 hr Online IT Training


IT - Excel - Training - InvestinU

Building Process/ Flowcharts with Visio

A quick introduction to Microsoft Visio

1 hr Online IT Training

What’s New in Microsoft Office

Learn what’s new in the whole Microsoft Office Suite of Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams, Word and Visio.

1 hr Online IT Training


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