webinars - learning from home with Lynmar
InvestinU - business solutions that work for you

How's your Online Presence?

Whether you want to design a new site or get help on maintaining your existing site, we are here to help. Make sure your first impression is a good one.

webinars - learning from home with Lynmar
InvestinU - business solutions that work for you

Need an Expert?

Our professional team of consultants can assist with your projects providing expert advice and helping you make strategic decisions for your business.

webinars - learning from home with Lynmar
InvestinU - business solutions that work for you

Do you have staff working from Home?

With so many companies giving the option to their staff to work from home, now is a great time to look into training your staff via Webinars.

webinars - learning from home with Lynmar
InvestinU - business solutions that work for you

Are your MS Office Templates on Brand?

You know you have an amazing team, that are experts in their fields but they are no graphic designers. Why not provide them with amazing templates that allow them spend more time on the content and less time worrying about how the presentation looks.

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InvestinU - Business Solutions that work for you

Accelerate your business to new levels of excellence.

About Us

At InvestinU we believe in people and are passionate about helping your business to excel. We can empower each individual in your team to reach their maximum potential. With the right tools and the right knowledge we will help you and your business accelerate to new levels of excellence.

Contact Us

Why not get in touch?

We can meet with you to discuss your current business needs and will devise a strategy on accelerating your business to the next level.

Bite-size Learning

Bite-size learning is a new cost effective and efficient method of training a large number of staff quickly, equipping them with new skills that they can implement immediately.

Customised Training

Traditional Style training classes can sometimes waste a lot of time teaching skills that are not relevant or useful for your business. We customise our training sessions to use your data and work on new time saving skills that we know can be immediately put into effect. We can guarantee your company will see immediate benefits.

Onsite Advisory Sessions

InvestinU offers a bespoke onsite service to individual staff members or teams, advising them on the best way forward using their day to day files, spreadsheets and procedures.


Online webinars are a fantastic way to train teams that are located in several different locations or even different countries at the same time.


Sometimes we just need some professional help to implement projects and make significant progress. Here at InvestinU our experienced consultants can work with you and your team advising you on the best techniques to accelerate your projects to the next level.

Web Design

First impressions count.  Make yours a positive one with a professional and informative web site.

Software Development

Whether it’s automating repetitive processes in Excel, developing a new database system or creating a new app for your business, we can create the tools you need to save you time and money and help accelerate your business to the next level.

Branding & Marketing

Our marketing experts can advise your business on the best techniques to promote and present your products and services.

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks so much for all your help. I understand my system much better now and have already made loads of improvements. Now I know who to call when I need a hand.”

- Marcella Clarke

Managing Director, Ollie & Mac

Get in Touch

Would you like to discuss your companies requirements with us?

If so, please get in touch and we can organise a face to face zoom meeting at a time that suits you.

Call Us

International: +353 85 133 5649
Ireland: (085) 133 5649